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A collaboration by Ruchi (Arshi67) and Jigs (Chokri_ASR)


Ineffable… too overwhelming to be expressed in words, whether it’s beauty, joy or love.

A visceral feeling woven in our heartbeats for an entrancing jodi whose profound love for the other continues to ensnare us three years on. Their love as timeless as the majestic monument they didn’t get to visit together all those years ago. Although, we did get “Meri baahon mein daudti hui aaogi tum …” another lost bet, another blissful moment for us … He had strewn rose petals for her to make her way to him then, so we thought we would see if their life is still redolent of their sweet fragrance.

She had taught us that “baat vishwas ki hai“, and our hopes and undying affection (some may say obsession … but what do they samajh?!) have borne fruit with a special Jashn.

This is our way to kick start the Jashn. Mr and Mrs Raizada ko pata toh chale how much we missed them before they hit our screens on the 24th 😉


“Hum bhi kiss laad governor ke pyaar mein…”

Khushi’s muttering stopped abruptly. She stepped out of the bathroom towelling her hair dry, taken aback to see the hotel suite plunged in darkness.

She was here in Agra with her husband, who had a meeting and insisted she come with him. And had assured her he would be finished with Mr Sethi by mid afternoon, leaving the rest of the day to be spent with her.

He had even suggested taking her out to gorge on the famous Agra ki chaat. She had been looking forward to seeing the mystical Sufi singers sing live, outside the steps of Salim Chishti’s dargah in Fatehpur Sikri. The evocative refrain of “Maula Maula” consuming them once again.

He had been looking forward to seeing her eyes aglow in the light of the setting sun as it  ignited the red stonework in the surrounding walls of the fort , casting mysterious shadows across the courtyard.

Well that had been the plan.

But, here she was alone in this andhera kamra.

She sighed, as her eyes tried adjusting to the darkness that surrounded her. As she fumbled looking for the light switch, her eyes went towards the bed.

Light from a low hung moon streamed in from the open door leading to the terrace, illuminating the bed in front of it. The silvery light fell upon a single blood red rose bud lying there.

Letting the towel slip from her hands, Khushi walked up to the bed slowly looking around to see if anyone was there.

Her heart picked up its pace, as her gaze fell on the flower lying on the cream satin embroidered patched quilt. With trembling hands, she hesitantly reached to pick up the bud. A smile curving at the corner of  her lips, as she caressed the delicate soft petals.

From the corner of her eye, she noticed there was something else on the bed.

How had she not seen it before?

It was a note. As realization dawned on her, she felt herself relaxing her usual slightly nervous self. And that was due to the familiar writing.

“Keede makode ki baraat sirf Arnavji ki ho sakti hai…” She thought with an indulgent laugh, tracing a finger over her name scribed there.

“Where are you, Arnavji…” She whispered with a catch in her throat, placing the letter close to her heart.


Her head jerked around, hearing his husky voice. Its velvety texture wrapping round her heart. The passing of the years not having dimmed its ability to jump at the mere sound of her name on his lips.

Her eyes locked with his, as he stood leaning casually against the doorway, his arms folded across his chest.

The luminous moon shone almost pearl like in its iridescence, silhouetting his well sculpted body.

“I’m sorry Khushi, my meeting ran a bit longer. Der ho gayi.” He straightened up, holding his hands out to her. Khushi rushed into his waiting arms, and he pulled her closer to him. “What’s wrong? Did I scare you?” He asked, as she shivered inside his hold, wrapping her arms around his neck.

“Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada and scared, do not go together. Suna aap ne?” She tilted her head, looking up at him with a mischievous smirk playing across her lips. “I missed you, Arnavji. Bas.”

Her eyes glinted, as he leaned down bringing his lips lower to hers. A slight feather like caress brushed against her lips with a soft, gentle kiss.

He looked deep into her darkened gaze, as the emerald in her hazel eyes stared up at him. Desire for more, shot through his veins.

No. A mere soft kiss was not enough.

His hand had made it’s way to the back of her head, and slammed his lips on hers. The want, the need exposed as he intensified the kiss.

And she couldn’t help but respond, her ardour matching his. The earlier longing to be with him now satisfied, as she clutched his shirt, pulling him even closer.

He slanted his lips across hers, his tongue seeking, and gaining access to the sweetness that was all his Khushi.

They molded together, the kiss lengthening and deepening as time ceased to matter.

When they finally parted in dire need for air, their breathing unsteady, she stared into his eyes. She couldn’t help but smile, gathering herself, seeing the desire in his eyes which mirrored hers.

He caressed her swollen lips with the pad of his thumb, and whispered huskily.

“I missed you…” He took a deep breath, embracing her again, overwhelmed with the sheer depth of emotions coursing through him for the woman who had changed his life.

“Khushi, do you remember the time when I had asked you to come with me to Agra… three years ago?”

“I’ve already missed the chance to see the Taj with you back then, which is why I came this time. And once again, we still haven’t had a chance to go visit it… all courtesy of your work, and Amanji!” She remembered the purpose of their trip and tried to wriggle out of his arms. But he stopped her, grasping her arms, and pulled her back up against him.

“Oh really?” His usual left eyebrow cocked up, giving her a quizzical look. “Admit it… you were scared three years ago, and now…”

“Whatever! So are you planning on taking me out or not…” She gestured to the yellow and white chiffon anarkali she was wearing. He loosened his hold, as she tossed back her damp long tresses, showering him with droplets of water.

In a trance he raised a finger to his cheek, catching a stray drop.  She smiled, watching him closely, knowing his obsession with her hair.

She wrapped her fingers around his and brought it to her lips, sensually kissing the drop away. He smirked, trailing a finger down her arms, and grasped the letter from her hand.

“Yes I do plan to show my wife the Taj, but before that… aren’t you going to read what I have written, just for you.”

She gave him a tender smile, taking the letter back. Looking down at the note in her hand, memories of another day and another note flashed through her mind.

“I’m sorry Arnavji… I let my faith in you waver when she…”

“Shhh … Khushi.” Arnav pressed a finger to her lips as it dawned on him what she was referring to. He looked into her tearful hazel orbs and whispered regretfully. “It’s me who’s sorry for allowing her to come into our lives, for not seeing what she was doing to you. But, let’s not allow those painful memories to cast a shadow on our present. It gave us our beloved nephew who has infused a new lease of life in Di. Her chand ka tukda. And his Mami’s ladla”

“That he has. But, it’s not his Mami who totally indulges him! Conceding to his every wish. If his Mama was allowed to have his way Aarav Singh Raizada would be totally spoilt by now.” Said an outraged Khushi to a smirking Arnav. Happy to have succeeded in diverting her mind from the past, he asked her softly.

“The letter Khushi …”

Blinking away the tears, she held the note out to him. “Will you read it to me?”

Without taking his eyes off of her, he took the note from her. She stared into his liquid chocolate eyes, seeing her own self reflected there drenched with his love. The words from his lips melting her heart.

My dearest Khushi,

It’s because of you, I am the man I am today. You came into my life teaching me the meaning of life. Of love. The desire to want someone in my life forever. You. You complete me in a way I never thought possible. Promise me once again, in the shadow of the monument of love… that you will be mine, Hamesha.

I love you dammit!

Your Laad Governor,


Seeing the tears roll down her porcelain cheeks, he placed the letter on an occasional table nearby. Engulfing her in his arms, he held her tightly.

Brimming with emotions, she wrapped her arms around his neck, burying her head in his shoulder.

“Hum bhi aapse I love you dammit Arnavji.”

“Really Khushi? Ji. Still?” He chuckled, as she lightly hit his chest, knowing he had succeeded in lifting her mood.

“But where is the monument of love, Arnavji?” Khushi asked making a moue.

“Come lemme show you, but first close your eyes. And no ramanchi…” He warned, taking her hand and leading her out to the adjoining terrace.

A gentle gust of wind caressed Khushi’s face billowing up her dupatta, covering Arnav’s face. Smiling in remembrance, he drew it away and took Khushi’s chin in his hand.

“Open your eyes Khushi.”

She blinked her eyes open, following the direction of his raised arm. And there at a distance in front of her, in all it’s majestic glory stood the Taj Mahal. It’s marbled splendour bathed in the lustre of the full moon. A glorious monument to an abiding love of an Emperor for his wife.

The beauty of the rolling vista in front of her, with the wide plain and lush green trees, through which rose the Taj Mahal, caused her to gasp. Entranced she tilted her head towards Arnav and murmured.

“It’s so beautiful Arnavji”.

“Not half as beautiful as you, Khushi.” His husky voice whispered inside her ear, as he wrapped his arms around her waist from behind. She instinctively placed her hands over his, leaning up against him.

“I have something to tell you Arnavji.” She smiled, wanting this to be the moment when she shared a news with him that would change their lives.

“Yeah I know but you tell me.” He caressed her stomach, well aware of what she was going to reveal.

Wasn’t that the reason why he had brought her here?

Looking askance at him she exclaimed. “You do?! What?”

“Tum kya karti ho, kahan jaati ho, kisse milti ho, kisske saath tumhara appointment hai, main sab khabar rakhta hoon” (What you do, where you go, who you meet, who you have appointments with, I keep abreast of everything). He stopped, placing a kiss on top of her head, before continuing.

“Kyonki faraq padta hai, dammit.”

“We’re having a baby.” She said, overwhelmed with the joy welling up inside her at finally being able to tell him. She had been holding the news inside her since yesterday. Waiting for the right time to tell him.

“Khushi! I’m going to be a Dad?!” He shouted out in exuberance, lifting her and swinging her round, unable to contain his excitement.

Tears of joy fell unchecked from both their eyes as Arnav leaned down to touch his forehead with hers. He spoke gently.

“I love love love you. Our baby, our little baby.”

“Yes. Ours.”

She reached up to cup his face in her hands, closing the distance, as her lips hovered under his. Their lips united once again in a soft kiss, sharing in a tender moment that belonged to them. Only them.

And here surrounded by exquisite beauty the parents-to-be revelled in their new found joy. A deep sense of peace pervading their entire beings at the feeling of completeness in them.

Taking her hand in his, he led her back into the room. As she lifted her foot to step in, she stumbled. His arm at her waist tightened involuntarily saving her from tripping.

“Sambhal liya aapne.” She stared up at him, the unmistakable glint in his eyes giving away what he was going to say.

“Hamesha sambhalta rahunga… tum dono ko.”


Giddy with excitement, a few of us went a bit paagal on Twitter and decided to write a few OSs between us. As an ode to the return of this epic jodi, Arnav and Khushi hamesha.

“Log aatein gaye aur carwan banta gaya” and we now have a number of amazing writers contributing on the blog over the next month.

Sanaya said IPK was like the DDLJ of television so … “Come fall in love”