Of Giggles & Sighs

First up, I want to thank everyone who has become a part of this initiative to welcome back a show which gave us all so much more than we could have ever imagined – words we did not think we were capable of, stories we did not think we had to tell and of course sleepless nights worrying about someone else’s love story and not our own!

I dedicate this little piece to Arnav and Khushi – two characters who have inspired me to write like no other, two characters who taught me the most beautiful definition of love – Hamari dhadkanein ek ho jaati hain – and two characters who have made sure that I now expect certain impossible things from my own love story whenever it may be!

And I dedicate this to the show ‘Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon’ and the entire team behind it! And of course to all of us fans…we got it back, guys! More power to us! ❤

PS – This story is not rated R but it does have an adult theme. So read at your own discretion.


Of giggles & sighs

The night was young but the lovers entangled with each other on the bed, with the messed up sheets and well lived in pillows, younger still as the man tickled the woman and the woman laughed herself silly but did not really try to get away.

“Arnav, stop it! Arnav!” she squealed as his naughty fingers dug into her sides and his stubble burnt  a path across her arm, his bare body pressed against her nude form, the silk of the bed spread yodelling at them like the gentlest of waves.

“I will as soon as you admit that I am better than you…” he drawled, even as he made to move his thigh over hers, effectively capturing her in his arms – just the way he liked it and she did too if her sighing was anything to go by.

Khushi looked up at the laughing face looming over hers and a deep sigh of contentment left her, her fingers lifting on their own to caress the fine lines appearing on the side of his eyes, soothing them out just to have them wrinkle back again as he smiled down indulgently making her smile too. She loved him, wholly and completely. Loved him with all the imperfections, loved him with all the shortcomings, loved him just like he loved her.

And she told him exactly that. She leaned towards him and whispered the simplest of three words in the world, revelling in the deep breath he took at her declaration and just how the fingers digging into her skin, tickling her just a heartbeat ago splayed across her sides and held her just a little bit tighter, just a little bit closer.

“I love you too, Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada…” he murmured right back, ending his statement with a soft nip at the shell of her ear making her mewl and him chuckle before clearing his throat, ready to teaser her as a thought struck him just then.

“Waise dont you think you need to shorten this name of yours, Khush? Its too much!”

And teased she got and soon enough he heard that inimitable gasp which could only mean either of two things – Khushi was annoyed or Khushi was surprised – and in this situation, it probably meant both!

“Look who is talking – Arnav Singh Raizada! Shouldn’t you shorten your name first before asking me to think about it?!”

Arnav looked down at his wife and he really had to work hard at keeping himself from laughing out loud at the sheer affronted look she sported on her beautiful face but as easy as it was to keep his lips from slipping into a grin, it was not as easy to stall his hand from running across her  face and tweaking her nose before replying in that usual flippant tone of his, “There is no comparison, Khushi. My name has three words, yours five.”


“So you should remove Kumari Gupta and become Khushi Singh Raizada…or at least remove the ‘Kumari’ because we both know you aren’t very ‘Kumari’ any more, don’t we…?” he teased, tongue in cheek – the laugh he had tried so hard to hold within escaping its confines as his wife first gasped at the audacious suggestion and then at the audacious suggestion!

“Arnav!” came her strangled cry even as she coloured violently, her face turning a dark shade of red right from the roots of her hair to the tips of her ears.

“Khushi!” he replied equally high pitched, his entire body shaking with laughter before she started raining punches at him making him swat away the fists that she threw at him with all her might, his hands moving quick and capturing both of hers in a tight grip above their heads.

He stared down at the hazel eyed beauty lying beneath him with her cherub cheeks and her rosebud lips, her arms arched above her head, her neck lithe, her body bare for his perusal and suddenly the mood changed – the temperature rising up a few notches in the already warm room.

Shifting his one hand beneath her body, he cupped her bottom – a perfect fit for his hands – and raised it up ever so slightly, the next moment pushing inside of her making them both gasp – hers bringing him back from the land of fantasies and even though he knew that she had been slick and ready for him, he bent down his head and asked with sincere eyes whether he had hurt her, apologising all the while for the suddenness of the act, his features lightening only when she smiled up at him and shook her head, her one eyebrow arching up and he knew just what she wanted and his grip loosened on her hands, leaving them to be, leaving them to circle around his neck and pull him closer – so close he could hear her every sigh, her every intake of breath, her every heartbeat as they moved together.

“I am sorry jaan…but I needed you so much. I promise you gentle next time…I just, I need you so much right now.” his rough voice melted like honey in her ears and she felt him increasing the pace almost to a frenzy and all she could do was bestow a kiss on his cheek before turning his face towards her and capturing his lips with hers, her tongue running over them willing them to part and let her in and like always he never could disappoint her.

Khushi allowed herself to explore every nook and cranny of her husband’s body – manly like she ever imagined it would be – as she encouraged him on with subtle touches, with obvious words. Her fingers trailed through his hair, gathering them in a fist near the nape, pulling at them – gently at first and then with more force as her body arched under his ministrations, her eyes rolling up as pleasure hit her like zenith.

His lips too worshiped her with kisses, licks and little nips where ever they would land – her face, her throat, her breasts, her shoulders, her fingers…his fingers teasing, demanding, giving as they caressed and massaged her, never staying at a place too long – forever keeping her on her toes, waiting to know where they would land next and strum up a storm within her.

“Oh Arnav…” she moaned, her eyes closed and her chest heaving even as she felt his head fall down gently between her breasts, the hair on his head tickling her, rubbing against her making her marvel at how its softness could prove a worthy rival to the silk against her back.

He answered her passionate call with a swipe of his tongue at her breasts, biting down gently before laving it up and soothing the burn, fingers of one hand digging into the ample flesh of her bottom, the other hand buried in her hair, massaging her scalp and the base of her neck as she strained under this pleasure filled assault.

Arnav’s moves were a frenzy, his tension palpable as he sought a release that only she could provide, fervently making sure that she too was a part of the prize he sought. His thigh pressed against hers, as he brought her legs to circle him and rest against the small of his back, the movement creating an even tighter vortex around them and it was then that he finally felt the warmth of the light he had been seeing at the end of the tunnel all along and with a loud groan, he chased it down.

Khushi felt her breath leaving her in short, loud gasps as Arnav increased his speed, her heart pounding in her chest as his fingers squeezed her skin, her pulse quickening as she felt her own needs match his and she brought her hands around his neck, clamping down on his shoulders nails raking at his back, holding on for dear life as her husband carried them both over to that little piece of heaven the French liked to call ‘le petit mort’ – the little death.

What an apt description, thought Khushi disoriented, as her husband all but collapsed on top of her. ‘The Little Death’…it was so true, every time she and her Arnav would make love, it would feel the pleasure they experienced was one that could only be achieved in heaven, like they had reached the end of life for that brief moment of ultimate bliss…and then it would happen all over again. Khushi was naive, yes, but not naive enough to not appreciate the carnal bond she was lucky to share with her husband. They loved each other – mentally, emotionally and physically and she could not have asked for more.

And it was a testament to their intrinsic bond that Arnav chose that exact moment to mumble a question of concern into her ear, his hands pushing back the hair that had plastered itself on her face, his lips placing small light kisses all over her ear and the side of her neck,

“Did I hurt you? Was I too rough? I am so sor-”

“Shhhh…” she turned her face to her side and gave him a soft kiss which melted away all his fears making him smile and pulling her closer so that her face now rested in the crook of his shoulders, his hands patting her head softly lulling her to a deep sleep.

And it was a sleep so deep that it was only when she felt her husband nudge his head against hers gently, cooing sweet nothings into her ear that Khushi felt the drunken hold of sleep leave her and with a drowsy kiss on his bare chest she alerted her husband of her state of wakefulness only to be left sighing deeply as he saw her move and answered to it with a multitude of pecks all across her shoulders and in the corners of her neck.

“Good morning” she heard his husky voice and answered it with one of her own, finally opening her eyes to take in his beautiful face which seemed more boyish than it would be in a matter of few hours from now when he would take on the persona of Arnav Singh Raizada and face the world with his own unique style. His hair was tousled and Khushi bit back a smile knowing exactly how it had gotten that way, his eyes alight with passion and love and Khushi could not help but blush knowing exactly what or rather who was responsible for it.

“Why are you blushing so early in the morning?” came her husband’s laughter filled voice and she rolled her eyes…as if he didn’t know! Laad Governor, she thought with a shake of her head and then called him that out loud as well to rile him up just as he was riling her up only to scowl as instead of getting annoyed, he laughed out loud and muzzled his face into her hair, his entire body shaking with silent laughter which melted away the facade of anger.

“You look so beautiful when you laugh…” she let her voice trail just as her fingers did across his sides – starting from his rib upto his shoulder, cupping it gently before going upwards and spanning the length of his neck as her lips took on the job from there on, soft pecks gracing their way to his ear.

“Khushi…” he moaned – a delicious sound which felt even better when his voice was husky with passion and a feeling of having rested well, of having being pleasured beyond belief and Khushi felt it stirring something deep inside her and though she may have thought of herself as wanton for having these feelings some years back, her husband had made sure to have her realise that these stirrings they felt within themselves were not wanton, instead they were to be shared with each other, to be enjoyed with each other, to be cherished.

And so she did just that. She shared her desire with him by way of a tell tale nip at his ear followed by a small laving of her tongue, her hand going around his back, pulling him closer even as she moved her leg over his making sure he knew just exactly what she was getting at!

And as always her razor sharp husband knew exactly what she wanted, exactly what she was asking for and with a quick as lightening move, Khushi found herself on her back looking up at Arnav, his lips curved in a devious smile.

“Getting adventurous, are we?” he commented, on surface lightly but Khushi knew him better than that. She could make out how his eyes had darkened, how his jaw had set, how his mind had centred on fulfilling the desire they both could feel pumping within them.

“Someone promised me something last night…” she answered, her voice trailing off as she told him with her eyes the exact nature of the promise she was referring to.

“And what exactly did this someone promise you?” he played along, his hands lifting up her legs so that her feet rested on the bed, on either side of him as he positioned himself, his palms resting on her ankles.

“Well…it was something along the lines of what you are thinking but a specific style was to be involved…” she gave him an impish smile as she finished making her case, the smile widening at the knowing glint that appeared in his eyes at her words.

And in a flash her legs were wrapped around her husband’s delicious body as he swooped down to swallow her smile in a toe curling kiss which she returned with all the passion he had fuelled in her, their tongues battling it out with each other in a war they had both lost a long time ago.

She felt him everywhere, on every inch of her skin – inside and out – as he moved against her so languidly, so delicately yet so powerfully, her body attuning to his every turn, his every twist – like magnets.

And it was this love induced haze she was left in when she felt his lips leave hers and travel down to her neck, sucking at her pulse point, biting it gently before sucking again intent on leaving a mark of their shared passion on her body just like her nails were on his back – the poetry they imprinted on one another, the love letters they left for each other.

She felt she was floating when his lips moved steadily down – travelling past her breasts, her stomach, her ribs, her hip bone with small tokens of their arrival before they finally reached their destination and a loud sigh, bordering on a small scream left her as they tasted her – tentative at first giving her a taste of what was to come before making themselves comfortable.

Khushi writhed and moved restlessly even as she felt more anchored than she ever had with his lips playing with her like they did, assuring her like they did, enjoying her like they did. His hand held her steady just like hers held him. Her hair spread itself like a halo, framing her face as she bit her lip and moaned steadily to the beat he had set, to the beat he was making them sway in before she reached the tipping point and her hands sought his, interlinking with them intimately as she rode out the waves moving through her tightened body – relieving it and her.

She allowed her husband to come back up to her and gather her in his arms in an embrace shielding her from all of the world, welcomed his fond pecks on the crown of her head and cherished his warmth as it enveloped her all around – her mind still in a daze when she felt him lift her up, her one hand going around his neck and the other clasping at his shoulder – a habit neither ever wanted to be broken.

He carried her over to their adjoining bathroom, making sure to delicately place her on the counter top before running a bath for the two of them. A serene silence had enveloped them both and it was in the same comfortable silence that Arnav came back for her and carried her over to the bath, lowering her slowly into the warm water before climbing in himself behind her.

She leaned against him, her back propped against his front, her hands caressing his knees and his rubbing her shoulders with a gentle pressure as he soothed away all the kinks he imagined he had caused with his excited ways last night and Khushi felt herself smile and shake her head.

“You okay?” he asked and Khushi felt him turn her face with the tips of his fingers and tilt it back so that her eyes met his – those shuttered orbs of chocolate brown which opened only for her to see right into his soul, and she placed a palm on his mouth, giggling slightly as he made good use of the move and kissed the heart of her palm, bringing it down to rest against his heart – telling her with his heartbeats all that he found difficult to say out loud.

“Arnav…” she started and then stopped, never really knowing what to say when he laid himself bare in front of her in moments like this – when his eyes and his heart told her just how much power she held over him, just how much he depended on her just to exist.

“Shhhh…” was his reply as his hand found its way to her heart and he smiled that Buddha smile – the one of all knowing and she mirrored it with one of her own.

Hamari dhadkanein ek ho jaati hain.

Thanks for reading! ❤

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